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DISCLAIMER: I am not a nutritionist, or weight loss specialist.  The information I have shared with you is from my personal experience.  Please note that this is what worked for me.  What worked for me might not work for you in the same way.  Results come with hard work and persistence.  Make it a lifestyle.


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Make it a lifestyle, not just a New Year's Resolution

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Being healthy should not be your new year resolution. It should be your lifestyle.

Every year for the past 10 to 12 years, I have set a new year’s resolution to get healthy and lose weight. Each year, around 6 weeks in, those ‘new years’ resolutions slowly faded into whatever’s and excuses as to why I didn’t go through with it… I kept giving up. The only time you fail is if/when you give up!

I learned that in order to have the things you want, you must work for them. You must fight for them. In the same manner we work and fight for any other things we have we should work and fight for healthier lifestyles. The key to success at anything challenging is always going to be persistence.

I’m not a nutritionist, nor am I a health guru. I’m just a woman who’s tried for years to get healthy and lose weight but failed due to my lack of being persistent. That’s just it. I wasn’t persistent and when I didn’t get the results I wanted and in the timeframe I felt it should happen, I simply gave up.

Listen… What works for me may not work for you, or it may not work in the same timeframe as it worked for me. We all are different, have different body types, an have different goals. All I can say is if you really want change, YOU MUST BE PERISTENT!!!!!!!!! That’s really all it takes.

For months, I passed by my scale every day looking down at it… never stepping on because I knew I would be disgusted at the numbers I saw. I knew I had gained weight because I was finding myself buying larger and larger clothing. I refused to buy anything else in a 1X or 2X. I knew deep down that if I didn’t do something soon, my weight was slowly going out of control in the opposite direction that I wanted.

Dec. 26, 2021, I stepped on that scale for the first time in nearly a year. I WEIGHED 218LBS!!!! That was the heaviest I'd ever been!!! For around 2 years straight my weight fluctuated from 205 to 208. I just hoped I hadn’t gained too much more weight in the past year, but I knew I had gained some. I was literally disgusted with myself and decided at that moment that I needed to do something.

I said I wasn’t going to call it a ‘New Year’s Resolution this time, but I’d decided that after the holidays were over, I was going to have to do something. I HAD to do something.

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