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DISCLAIMER: I am not a nutritionist, or weight loss specialist.  The information I have shared with you is from my personal experience.  Please note that this is what worked for me.  What worked for me might not work for you in the same way.  Results come with hard work and persistence.  Make it a lifestyle.


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A Not So Good Beginning...

Jan 1, 2022… I weighed in at 215lbs.I’m on the prowl again. I began to research reasonable ways to lose weight.I knew it wouldn’t be easy but I wanted to find something that wasn’t going to be too difficult but reap results.(Isn’t that what we all want?) LOL

The detox: Water & Fruit & water smoothies for a week with a scoop of organic protein once a day. This was all I had for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a month. The weight started falling off for the first three days, then I got stuck, fluctuating between 208 and 210. Collectively, I lost 5lbs in that first week. The second week was much slower. I started to get frustrated and do that old give up thing but I didn’t. I did a little more research and realized that even though I was doing just fruit smoothies and water, I was doing too much!!! I have a Ninja blender and I would use the biggest blender cup to make my smoothies and I would fill it as far as I could go… Big mistake. Each smoothie I was making was about 1500 calories… And I was drinking 3 to 4 of these a day!!! That’s 4500 calories based on a national average of 2000 calories per day. That was my problem! I was taking in too many calories!!!

From January 12th to February 10th was a drag.I was getting frustrated again fluctuation between 207 and 205lbs. Even though I was frustrated, I didn’t stop trying to eat healthier and keep doing my smoothies.BUT… SOMETHING STILL WASN’T RIGHT

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