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DISCLAIMER: I am not a nutritionist, or weight loss specialist.  The information I have shared with you is from my personal experience.  Please note that this is what worked for me.  What worked for me might not work for you in the same way.  Results come with hard work and persistence.  Make it a lifestyle.


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The New Beginning after being stuck at a fluctuating weight for 3 weeks!...

ANOTHER BEGINNING… BUT… THE BEST PART… After doing more research, I decided to try the intermittent fasting thing again. I’d tried it a few years ago but decided it wasn’t for me… again, because I wasn’t getting the results I WANTED.

Intermittent fasting is picking an 8 hour window to eat your foods. The other 16 hours are to give your body time to absorb and digest the nutrients you’ve eaten during your 8 hour window.

I downloaded the app called MyFitnessPal to help me manage my calorie intake. It told me that in order to lose the amount of weight in the timeframe I selected, I needed to consume no more than 1200 calories per day.

I weighed in at 205lbs on the morning of Feb 10th… This is the day I started off with 8am to 4pm for my intermittent fasting times and I only ate 1200 or less calories.

The next day I weighed in, I weighed 203lbs! I was a little surprised but didn’t want to get my hopes up too high just yet, so I continued on for the next week.

Somewhere in the mix I had to change my 8 hour window from 8am to 4pm to 11pm to 7pm. I found myself feeling sluggish and like I was starving by 7pm.

I always weigh myself at 7am to get accurate readings. Each morning I weighed myself, I was either a half pound our a whole pound lighter. Depending on what I ate and my daily activities, some days it stayed the same, but I knew what I needed to do to get it back on the declining scale.

I work a lot so I don’t really have a lot of time to cook. I needed to be putting nutritious foods back in my body after it’s been on the 16 hour fast, so I decided to join the FACTOR meal plan. The meals are delicious and to my surprise, they’re very delicious! I started with my first meal on Tuesday February 15th. From that day forward, each morning I weighed in, I was ounces lighter. Ounces turned into pounds and by Feb 28th, exactly 2 months of working on this new lifestyle of health and weight loss, I weighed in at 195lbs. I just imagined where I would be if I were doing the intermittent fasting those 3 weeks where I was stuck fluctuating between 205 and 207. That’s how I lost 20lbs in 2 months.

Another important thing I don’t want to leave out is that intermittent fasting also was a form of detox and regulation for me. Before, I would use the bathroom (poop) three times a week. About two weeks into the intermittent fasting, I started going 5 to 6 times EVERY DAY. It has since slowed down to around 3 times EVERY DAY vs 3 times a week and I feel SOOOO much better!!!

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